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Gavlyn – All Too Well
Gavlyn – All Too Well
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Taken from Gavlyn’s “Modest Confidence”  album, she delivers visuals for the single off the project. Not only is she expanding on new and more mature sounds, she is also bringing her listeners along with her as she continues to spark interest within the Hip Hop scene. Keep your eyes on Gavlyn.

Prod. by: ESKUPE
Mastering by: EQ

Directed by: Chad A. Marshall

1,969 Responses to “Gavlyn – All Too Well”

  1. This chick is dope. Cool video and I'm even digging her janky tooth. lol
  2. man, this is some cool shiiit...
  3. Martin Mcfly says:
    una de mis mcs favoritas
  4. ChrisKsan says:
    Emotions are nice, but she needs to get her techniques right. Nice passion, nice instrumentals and ideas. Ok lyrics, but most of the time she's off-beat and off key as hell. Like in her head she's actually rapping/singing to a completely different tune.
  5. Yung Mike says:
    This shit bangin'
  6. I seriously don't understand all the hate this girl gets. She's not trying to be the next conscious rapper that saves Hip Hop, she just has a really good flow and a good ear for beats. What more could you want? I'd rather listen to this than the same old washed up rap tunes that people listen to over and over again.
  7. Eric Denbak says:
    I Composed this out of love for This Song, Please check it out if ya got a second!~ Support the underground! Shouts to gavlyn for her amazing abilities. Hope ya enjoy :)
  8. Lord Satsuma says:
    Classic. I rarely play songs back to back anymore, this one is hard Her and Eskupe need to do entire tapes just like this.
  9. Gavlyn > Snow Tha Hoe
  10. Pathod says:
    For some odd reason she reminds me of Carrie from "The King of Queens".
  11. Robert Lietz says:
  12. Meland90 says:
    She's cute and she's talented
  13. She's sick. Wish I could meet her.
  14. Raksasa187 says:
    she is my favorite female rapper hands down!
  15. Ŝo hot with those glasses !
  16. Lily C. says:
    i like her music a lot
  17. ElRollsRoyce says:
    Ooooweee she cute

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