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Get Free Soda With A Measuring Tape
Get Free Soda With A Measuring Tape
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

This is a crazy video. This dude got a scheme to get free soda from a vending machine using a measuring tape. The video was shot over seas, and shows a guy using his brain to get what he wanted.

**Warning** Do Not Try This

5 Responses to “Get Free Soda With A Measuring Tape”

  1. give a man a soda and he drinks for a day, give a man a measuring tape and he drinks until he gets caught
  2. jilla1982 says:
    thats a natural born thief
  3. pisoscure06 says:
    There's no way this would work
  4. kobe307angel says:
    You can do that if you find the right machine..they're starting to upgrade some

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