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Guzzilla The Monsta – Swallow Your Pride
Guzzilla The Monsta – Swallow Your Pride
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

We have the brand new music video by Guzzilla Tha Monsta called “Swallow Your Pride”. The music video came out dope, with Guzzilla spitting some dope lyrics and the video was shot crazy. Producer of the song was Aims Damnation and Directed by LvVisions. Make sure to watch the video.

Artist: Guzzilla ThaMonster
Song:Swallow Your Pride
Producer: Aims Damnation
Director: LvVisions
ClickClack Productions
BrownMonster MusicGroup BMMG

16 Responses to “Guzzilla The Monsta – Swallow Your Pride”

  1. Ayo mad props to every single person involved in this shit God Damn!!! Props homie y'all murked it
  2. juan limon says:
    Banging homie
  3. Gtown Goon says:
    Banging homie
  4. have the whole world like, this mothafuckin s Mexican?????
  5. Edgar Gomez says:
    wtf happened to DSG SH?
  6. johnnyj909LV says:
    That M0B L!f3 younG browN N tak3kinG 0v3R / Mafia W3$T
  7. diego2bay says:
    that's right nigga big bad SOUTHSIDE guz always keeps it 113
  8. dago .gee says:
    People still tryna find there identity in there 30s lol 3 buttons on the top with the hat sideways wat homies dress like that lookin hip hoped out j/s
  9. shdsg is bmmg now they cliked up
  10. ODESSA KANE says:
    My dude. Orale. Murder mufuckas
  11. BIGARNOLD100 says:
    The Beat is straight Murda.
  12. David Garcia says:
    Shit is fire right here...
  13. Danny Garcia says:
    I remember this dude was a Christian rapper back in the days.. Crazy he got flow thoo.. Guess god was to boring..
  14. Danny Garcia says:
    He raps a good one thoo.. If I didn't know him I would believe what he is rapping about.. Just saying ma boy.. God is good
  15. This is a gangster ass Rola Holmes keep it coming--F13 XHD

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