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How To Get Girls
How To Get Girls
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

This 11 Year Old Skater Kid is going to show the average guy how to get girls. The kids name is Steven Fernandez and he is only 11 years old and already a professional skater.

263 Responses to “How To Get Girls”

  1. So. Perff you is fine
  2. monia omar says:
    Is this real did he just saw a woman big ass ew..he is just 13 but now 14 thats sad and nasty
  3. kidd be snachen hoes
  4. Anthony says:
    Dam how come hella fine girls are with him showing him there girls
  5. I wonder if he has a ps3
  6. " i dont have a mom! " xDD
  7. Dee Thomas says:
    @zCuzzy :p wow ur the biggest hater ive ever seen on the internet. Lmao wow dude! Seriously your hating hard af
  8. He is a little pervert
  9. jim marley says:
    why are grown women letting a 11 year old touch their ass and chilling in their underwear with him
  10. jordan paese says:
    Just Fuck her right in the pussy
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