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I Suppose – Backstabbing Love
I Suppose – Backstabbing Love
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Here is the music video of Backstabbing Love by I-Suppose

Artist: I Suppose
Song: Backstabbing Love

Produced By: J1K

Directed By: Eyekon Fotography

2,049 Responses to “I Suppose – Backstabbing Love”

  1. go tell love that i miss her and tell her im sorry for all the times that i dissed her <3
  2. Keep playing its funny
  3. Dope ass shit homie. You really know how to make people feel certain emotions through your music and thats what musics all about, I can really relate to your stories. Keep up the goodwork. You'll make it big one day
  4. Fuck love love is fake bullshit
  5. How can she let him go he's cute asf
  6. Superb and excellent! This boy seems to be gripped by the real Mewar kesari spirit! He is adroitly living his role. bod bless him the same in off screen life too!
  7. Your dope as fuck brother, only just heard about you but I'm sharing your shit around, true emotion in your lyrics, that's what raps about!
  8. Janet Ortiz says:
  9. J.R. Rothaus says:
    Man I love this song, I hope you thanked hop cause that's the only reason I am here. All your shit is on point though, one love f.a.b.
  10. TheRex360 says:
    Calm your Tits
  11. I honestly just started listening to you as of today came across your name..this song hits my heart so much cause it helped me cope with my shitty relationship I finally ended...guess there are a few great true heart speaking artist love your work "I Suppose"

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