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Jasper and Baby Jokes Loco 2 da Brain Chopped and Screwed

When a song is Chop it is slowed down to a furneral pace and at certain parts of the song its repeated so it can make a double-up effect. Chopped and Screwed music started in the early 1990′s from legendary DJ Screw (aka godfather of Screwed Music). He perfected the technique by slowing down one record on one turntable and then having the same record on another turntable playing in delay so as create a repetition. DJ Screw had his own label Screwed Up Records, and owned the group Screwed Up Click. DJ Screw passed away in November 2000 from heart failure which was attributed to drinking prescription cough syrup. This cough “syrup” turned to popular drug in in late 2000.The syrup was the coice drug to be on listing to Chopped and Screwed music. Its a Texas thing I guess cuz we blow trees when we bump but hmmm lol. For the record do not attempt. But with that being explained listen to Jaspers and Baby Jokes Chopped Screwed song Loco 2 Da Brain. (any way you feel like listening it to but you were warned and we aren’t responsible)

Posted By Alejandra

4 Responses to “Jasper and Baby Jokes Loco 2 da Brain Chopped and Screwed”

  1. 509Giggles says:
    it actually sounds good! hehe.. foreal. :)
  2. R9G5V6 says:
    I never thought that the chopped and screwed style would ever catch on in kalifas but im trippin out to see that it finally has after almost 20 years of existence here in Texas. Es todo Q-vole! 9 5 6 R G V Puro Valle de Tejas!
  3. this shiit go hard
  4. MrESBS13 says:

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