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Jasper Loco – Serve And Protect
Jasper Loco – Serve And Protect
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

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Jasper Loco releases a brand new music video that will be taken from his upcoming album called “It’s All About The Money”. The song is called “Serve And Protect” and is directed by Steve Lenin. This is a really raw street track taken from Jasper’s album, and the music video is uncut, and was put together by Jasper Loco. So here is the exclusive video called “Serve And Protect”, by Charlie Row Campo’s Jasper Loco!

I Grew Up Then I Blew Up –

Artist : Jasper Loco

CD : All About The Money

Song : Serve And Protect

Label: Urban Kings Music Group

Director : Steve Lenin

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51 Responses to “Jasper Loco – Serve And Protect”

  1. momma Doo says:
    Shits garbage

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