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Javie Lopez – Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke Trap Music

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Urban Kings just got the new video remix by Javie Lopez (of B Real Tv and Audio Hustlaz), which javie has creatively flipped a Cheech and Chong movie classic scene. It is the infamous Ajax lady, who snorted lines of Ajax from Chong, who made lines out of Ajax because it looked like cocaine. Check out the video and watch it, because Javie Lopez made a whole beat from the girls sounds and expressions, and it came out really dope. And Javie didnt just made the beat, but he also chopped and edited the video so it goes with the beat. Thats a really dope job and shout out to Javie Lopez!

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95 Responses to “Javie Lopez – Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke Trap Music”

  1. Javi "where have you been all my life"? ;0)
  2. Andie Kane says:
    Crazy Shit Javie..! When Is the Next CxC Function..!
  3. This is the best
  4. peter meta says:
    YEAH!!!Peace from Germany
  5. peter meta says:
    YEAH!!! Peace from Germany
  6. Ferry GOOD says:
    YEAH!!! Peace from Germany
  7. Ferry GOOD says:
    YEAH!!!Peace from Germany
  8. YEAH!!! Peace from Germany
  9. Reqlly awesome video
  10. He killed 3 cunts tonigjt
  11. He killed 3 cunts tonigjt
  12. Th is is my faverite shit I bump every fuckin where
  13. Spikey1995PL says:
    Chong still can't believe it :-)
  14. Ah Leh says:
    Chong in trip yo
  15. xaian rivera says:
    Q poder de tema
  16. chrib86 says:
    we sick motherfuckers are not alone in this shit!
  17. ed thompson says:
    who else is watching this stoned as fuck at 1 am making ramen wearing just boxershorts
  18. jay moore says:
    shit grows on ya!

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