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Juan Gotti – Lone Star Rida
Juan Gotti – Lone Star Rida
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Texas King Of Latin Rap ‘Juan Gotti’ Is Back With A New Album Called “Ley De Texas”.One of the singles from the album is “Lone Star Rida” and this is the music video for it.

386 Responses to “Juan Gotti – Lone Star Rida”

  1. rafael leon says:
    Whats a spic? Fucking cracker
  2. Mexico never declared independence so lone star never did really exited
  3. 11-45-55-2 Much Love y Respect
  4. Angel Chavez says:
    riding slab 2 this shit slow loud n banging
  5. Angel Chavez says:
    riding slab 2 this shit slow loud n banging
  6. 6djiz says:
    Do u know Where I can Find the Instrumental Please ?
  7. CLEVEN11 says:
    this stuff is straight bullshit, where is the real shit ? i wanne hear a dark beat where he destroys enemigas with the voice of the devil mixing spanish with english all the time
  8. CLEVEN11 says:
    and fuck this gayass hook for real.. that shit is gay as fuck
  9. Lisa Briley says:
    Once again I love the drumming and am even more curious now :)
  11. hes just to be gd not anymore hes sounds gacho now
  12. Lala Berry says:
    Representing that H-Town to the fullest
  13. Doge omg dude i love you XD i'm a Doge on Roblox and you should play Roblox with me pls reply to me yes or no and i do have skype :P
  14. David Ruedy says:
    Ima lone star ryder i ride alone!
  15. crislt1 says:
    If I could post up the pics im seeing, texas/matamoros( ejido el refugio) moviendo un chingo de jale
  16. Sam Will G.P says:
    PC Master race why bungie why!
  17. juju ocana says:
    fuck all u haters
  18. stow1ner says:
    210 SANATOS y que putos...
  19. Ray says:
    This fool sux
  20. Ashley Gomez says:
    Ray you gay . Get tha duck out if here.kill yo self.
  21. Saul Garcia says:
    Check out this video on YouTube:
  22. AnthonyDMX says:
    Hey nice video! Mind checking out my channel?
  23. O.G.LadyMack says:
    Juan Gotti is a top contender in my book. Fine too.
  24. tetris namie says:
    whats the name of the song?
  25. roly polendo says:
    Puro fucken EAGLE PASS
  26. Ese carnal está firme está rola
  27. Ese carnal está firme está rola

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