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Kat Stacks Out Of Jail
Kat Stacks Out Of Jail
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Kat Stacks just got released from ICE. She was arrested for a gun charge and disorderly conduct, and was sentenced to be deported from the United States, but she won an appeal, and saying she was a victim of sex trafficking, and created her Kat Stacks persona, to survive.She was able to keep her citizenship in the US. She is known for hooking up with many different rappers and then vlogging about it, even while some of the rappers were sleeping.

5 Responses to “Kat Stacks Out Of Jail”

  1. A "second chance" to get back where she left off. I give her 90 days before she comes out with a pic of a celeb & her in bed together lol
  2. k5lta says:
    Fuck wheres the tea party when you need them..
  3. ★Kat★Stacks★Is★Back★★★★★★★★★★★Pretty★Boy★★★★★★★★★★

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