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King Lil G – Grow Up
King Lil G – Grow Up
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

New Single off King Lil G’s new album “90′s Kid”
Album available now

Directed by Matt Maloney

1,312 Responses to “King Lil G – Grow Up”

  1. King lil g is Boss as fuck so Don't fuck it up for him and ever thing he says is not a lie
  2. I hate the word chicano Same on yall mexicans No que no muy Mecicanos pues
  3. Hey Carnal still well up very good song King Lil G
  4. Throwin your life away...livin broke...that shii is played out... Word G.
  5. Maria Pineda says:
    true shit right there it is hard to grow up its not easy for everyone
  6. Maria Pineda says:
    i almost got arrested me and my bros and my mom cried life hard for me
  7. Moreno pride says:
    Its true we all gotta grow up
  8. Oscar Lopez says:
    Why can't king lil g always be real like this
  9. Go look up spm real ganster
  10. Thnx lil g this chit touched ma soul from within ....keep putting them bangerz carnal
  11. Juelz Casey says:
    Real shyt... gang bangn aint wussup anymore.. u live in the hood an shit you still want to be there 10yrs from now? make something for yourself. Rep were u from. dont be a bum. its 2015 get ya bread up.

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