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Magician Pulls Money Out A iPhone & A Loaf Of Bread From Nowhere

An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

We want you to tell us if this trick is real or fake. A magician did a few tricks and we wanted to share this with you. The first trick he did was pull a $100 bill from his iPhone. The second trick is he made the $100 bill turn into an origami bird while just shaking the bill. Second, he was in a fast food restaurant, and asked for two balls of dough. Then he took one of them and created a croissant right in front of the camera. Then, he took the other dough ball and made it into a 3 foot loaf of bread. Do you think this is real, or is it just a trick of imagination.


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28 Responses to “Magician Pulls Money Out A iPhone & A Loaf Of Bread From Nowhere”

  1. pinkt1t5 says:
    I can see how he did the first 1. But the second 1 has to be a green screen trick.
  2. Dj Smith says:
    fake its on wshh rite now
  3. vladdydaddy6 says:
    You should send this guy to Africa
  4. The baquette is fake because you need more dough to make one i was a baker
  5. So if he was using the right amount of dough you would believe this trick is real? Even though he pulled a loaf of bread out of his hand?
  6. 1st trick sucked i was not fooled 2nd trick was a camera trick he sucks basically
  7. Those ppl at the restaurant are apart of it and when he's pulling the loaf out the screen wobbles as if theres a green screen behind
  8. infamist says:
    Awful actors.. Worst actors.. That black
  9. infamist says:
    Girls only gets surprised once she eats the bread
  10. NikoPrimitif says:
    stupeeeeeeed :D lol
  11. bill80050 says:
    The dollar is under the iphone. He pulls it out with his finger.
  12. This is not fake. I know how to do this!!!
  13. Tom Eff says:
    First Asian Graduate of Hogwarts!
  14. bitcoinism says:
    They ate the bread he had hidden down his pants.
  15. Gage webb says:
    it came from under his phone, he distracts you with his motions with his fingers.
  16. Gage webb says:
    rthe bread one idek !
  17. suartigan907 says:
    Pls, i have that app
  18. Good JOb Now Go Feed The HUngry!!!!!!!!!!!! Asshole
  19. Mf Braz says:
    you can be rich and eat bread when you what :o
  20. TutorialexTV says:
    Same actor at 1:16 and at 2:48.FFFFAKE.
  21. blokboi2525 says:
    Kung pao dats fake as fuk kung pao lol
  22. not at all.. u cant see facial structures well huh?
  23. what about the bread trick though?? its not from his coat because at first you see the bread futher then the coat (can see background between the 2)
  24. That was fuggen amazing!
  25. LiaConnor says:
    Really people? It's called Magic *Tricks.* - I know, such a staggering realization! You can't expect actual magic and supernatural every time someone performs a magic trick. The word "trick" is even in the name "Magic Trick." Saying that it's "fake" or trying to point out the logic behind it in impolite ways doesn't make you smart; it just makes you an ass on the internet, if you pardon my language. There's my two cents, and take it as you wish.

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