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Masa & The Power 3
Masa & The Power 3
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Felipe, Gueyne & Juan Hierbas get lost in the majestic mountains of America
but find their inner Aztec spirits in the process.
And Juan Hierbas loses his virginity too.

24 Responses to “Masa & The Power 3”

  1. hoy nomas esas mamadas !!! hahahahaha esta perro esshow DESMADRE !!! Q SIGA !!!!
  2. Chingo Bling says:
    lol this puto stretching in the woods
  3. Chingo Bling says:
    "smoke that bitch"
  4. lol this puto stretching in the woods
  5. Ha ha ha ha no pos wow!!!
  6. Ha ha ha ha no pos wow!!!
  7. YoungsterCVn says:
    Chingo Bling una pregunta porque todas las episode´s salen diferente oh ha si es este show? esta con madres solo que esta raro?
  8. Hahaha@ the earth's hotpocket. Keep it up, can't wait for the next episode.
  9. "Ya ya, blue corn" lol.
  10. cuando sale el new episode putos...a toda madre..
  11. Oildogmx says:
    And what two dumb fu#*s disliked the video??!! I bet theyre a couple..fags!! Haha
  12. Josue Soria says:
    "Ay ya wawawa ehhhh!!!"
  13. BIGARNOLD100 says:
    Hahaha !!! What's this Aztec ? Lol Mochilas chingo para andar igual !!! Ponte la del puebla !!!
  14. BIGARNOLD100 says:
    Hahaha !!! Mochilas chingo para andar igual !!! Lol Ponte la del puebla !!!
  15. Brown Bone says:
    jajajaja! Se vino con madre el vato al meter la semilla! jajajajajaja
  16. Where's Jerome?? He was my favorite!!
  17. k5blazer says:
    LMAO! "Start digging putas" "no yo no i'm supervisor"
  18. Joe Ruiz says:
    Hahahaha....I am gonna test wind like juan hierbas!!!! I love this shit. Keep it going! All day.
  19. Haha this nigga high dancing aztec and shit haha "good shit"
  20. juan calero says:
    Damn chingo wtf u smokin on pasa ese toque
  21. Bruhh lmfao "now we gotta put this corn sperm in the earths vagina" jaja got me rollin
  22. Spreading the word like masa. Funny stuff!!!

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