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Masa & The Power – Part 1
Masa & The Power – Part 1
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

1972. The United States. They called it El Norte. Where the American dream had a price tag and only one man in a million was hungry enough to pay. But with the right masa, there’d be no stopping him, he could go right to the top. Felipe Fernando Fernandez. For one brief moment, the world was his.

Starring Pedro “Chingo Bling” Herrera III
“Nothing Happens” by Hisko Detria

145 Responses to “Masa & The Power – Part 1”

  1. I cant stop lol...I love it....thumbs up I enjoyed it. ...from famous kueen of krunk
  2. diani02 says:
    Your an awesome actor! I love watching you do your thing
  3. Nick Rabadan says:
    Keep it up chingo!!! Funny asz shiitt
  4. this shit is too good, Chingo got me cracking up!
  5. lol, how can you not find this funny
  6. abel sanchez says:
  7. abel sanchez says:
    can i use your crapper
  8. were is this filmed at? chingo bling! is it your town houston!
  9. E Melchor says:
    very impressed. you got my sub
  10. hugh hephner says:
    "all my cars are foreigns" jajajaj se la jalan. funny
  11. "all my cars are foreigns" jajajaj se la jalan. funny
  12. Anjo Showdup says:
    If you need an extra let a nigga know lol I can play a cousin thats always marijuano
  13. Fucking genius!!
  14. Isaac Quiles says:
    I know this movie is gonna be the bomb
  15. Daniel Mejia says:
    Its chingo bling culero
  16. Chuck Beatz says:
  17. djlive408 says:
    Hahah wow this is some pretty good writing. Good shit chingo bling !!!
  18. Joel Nino says:
    Awesome stuff!
  19. Henry Leal says:
    Im the lookout in the barrio homes, hook it up with a job homie, wont disapoint, I seen u in the hood, the chingo truck in green tee, I'm the only mexicano ridin round reppin the barrio in that hoe, started from the border now we here, im the vato in the lincoln blazin jammin spm, no bullshit homie
  20. Kaki Cobb says:
    do an updated piercings video with your stomach piercings
  21. Havok Sosa says:
    All my rides are foreign haha
  22. GenezisOTV says:
  23. Psssst tamales. i get mine in Lemon Grove sprouts
  24. Vic Gon says:
    this is brilliant. keep them coming!
  25. Kiliasja says:
    Looks really good, never made anything with ricotta.... yet... My mom used to make some pancakes like this, filled with cooked minced beef with some shredded veggies... like carrots and such, which is an old favorite of mine.
  26. reminds me of where the hell is matt? Anyone seen those i find dem sooooo funny XD
  27. Luis Martell says:
    Pasa Powers Activate!
  28. brokenupbeat says:
    haha this shit is so funny.
  29. Haha this is the shit.
  30. Erick Vidana says: I want the chrome book!!!!!!
  31. Can't wait for season 2..
  32. Hier kommt das zweite Video zum Song "Live to see" von der EP "VIEW". Eine wunderbare Hommage an alle Träumer!
  33. The acting ruined this.
  34. Team feria does it again funniest show ive ever seen you no how us Mexicans do.....stay 100 chingo u doin it big tu ru ru #turnt
  35. GEORGE LUNA says:
    this is the novela i want you to wash
  36. GEORGE LUNA says:
    this is the novela i want you to see
  37. brokenupbeat says:
    we need to see him rise to the masa power in season 2 already. or at least get close so we can wait for season 3. "dat means chit".

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