Mav – Hustlin Champion
Mav – Hustlin Champion
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Mav of Sol Camp sent us another Music Video of his, called “Hustlin Champion” and has Romero of Clika One featured on the song, and in the Music Video. Mav is one of the dopest artists out right now, and he went to film this music video in Las Vegas, NV. It came out really dope and we wanna shout out Mav and Romero for putting together a video like this.

Song : Hustlin Champion

Artist : Mav – Featuring Romero

Filmed By : Mav

Editor : Louis Barraza

104 Responses to “Mav – Hustlin Champion”

  1. Josue tejeda says:
    Mamalon el vídeo
  2. Josue jocker says:
    Mamalon el vídeo
  3. Josue jocker says:
    Mamalon el vídeo
  4. I heard your a buster. Damm Romero a lot my homies in Modesto CA loved your shit but when the rumor got around about u chillin with busters. We started to thought. Just say it, what u bang?????
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