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Ms Krazie At Cycadelic
Ms Krazie At Cycadelic
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Ms Krazie Autograph Signing at World Famous Cycadelic Records.

Shot and Edited by Funk of

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22 Responses to “Ms Krazie At Cycadelic”

  1. The834110 says:
    fuck she got fat!
  2. When you guys coming to vegas ?? :)
  3. Mike Roo says:
    I came put on this video lol
  4. She looks like Big Pun dressed in drag.
  5. thebayarea says:
    Damn let urself go much shape up fa ur fans
  6. apolanco602 says:
    She went krazie for tostadas
  7. Is so sad to see how fat she got me she still good no wonder why they only show pictures of her face she should just go ahead and try that Jenny Craig diet it work
  8. i see u 123 says:
    Jajaj crazy for them CARNE ASADA BURRITOS jajaj and her fans probably freaked out as they saw her in person. Probably thought she was an imposter.
  9. Eeww wtf not what I was expecting she looks like a whale that's crazy here I thought she would fine an shit.. Wtf I stay in cpt I didn't know she was here
  10. mrs.krazy probably got pregnant by mr.criminal or something i think that's why she hasn't lost any weight
  11. Sadly ,they closed this place down already. I Couldn't make it when she came ,but dope female.
  12. i dont care if shes fat, shes pretty ignorant too , the shit she be posting sometimes..
  13. She has that typical granny Mexican fat...
  14. alma sedano says:
    Ooohh what song is this ???
  15. Godamm i thought mz krazie was slim with big titts who was that godamm but i love the jam
  16. Omgoodness hubby likes chino Grande music I love mrs krazie: ) music
  17. From ms krazie to super krazie super size me
  18. When they going to fontana Indoor swapmeet in ca

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