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Ms. Krazie – Pinche Vida
Ms. Krazie – Pinche Vida
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Ms. Krazie is one of those artist that keeps snowballing with fans as she keeps going. She has die hard fans who love everything she puts out. She has fans who tattoo the name of her songs on them or the name of her last album, Smile Now Cry Never. Constantly bombarded by fan mail and fan requests for her new album, has made her thee most anticipated female artist in her genre. Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 has had so many requests for not only the album but also ringtones, song leaks, and song lyrics. Just because of the high demand for lyrics of all the songs we have decided to add the lyrics to all the songs in the inside booklet. That is sure to become an extra incentive for people to get this album.

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  1. Queen C says:
    Yup, fk tears
  2. Queen C says:
    Yup, fk tears

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