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My Fantasy World – By Kast N Fame
My Fantasy World – By Kast N Fame
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An Urban Kings TV Exclusive

My Fantasy World – by Kast & Fame : A man approached me while I was walking back from throwing the trash out. He said: “Hey can you do me a favor,” I cautiously said: “What is it?”, he continued to rant about an object that he had in his hand. “You see this, it can do amazing things, just watch what it can be,” at that moment I thought this guy is crazy. Everything that was coming out of his mouth sounded like gibberish about some clock object. As I started realizing what was going on at that moment between him and me; that’s when I gently asked him “Can I take a picture of that”; He completely agreed. So I ran back with the camera and started seeing him with different eyes, listening to him with different ears, a different mind set. His damaged hands, his broken nose, the fresh scar on his forehead and his connection to this little object. This man was making a painting in his own mind, he was in that moment in his own fantasy world and I was invited to see it.

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3 Responses to “My Fantasy World – By Kast N Fame”

  1. FEROCIOUZ says:
    This was deep.. Wish him the best...
  2. Alex says:
    This was deep.. Wish him the best...
  3. Junior Lopez says:
    This was deep.. Wish him the best...

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