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Out The Box Interview – Big Lefty
Out The Box Interview – Big Lefty
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Here is the official Interview with Big Lefty, aka Tony Ramirez, who starred in the most recent Out The Box episode. This might be one of the best and most memorable episodes we have ever released. It was a true story written and performed by Tony, detailing his experience when his life was out of control. Urban Kings made the Out The Box episodes, along with Lineage Ent, to showcase artists talents in the Los Angeles area, showing the truest form of raw passion and emotion. Different artists have different talents, from poetry, storytelling, music, and more. Thats where we showcase Out The Box to have the world see the talent. Now watch the exclusive interview of Big Lefty, here on Urban Kings!

Out The Box – Presented by Urban Kings & Lineage Ent

Host – UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz

Interview – Tony “Big Lefty” Ramirez

4 Responses to “Out The Box Interview – Big Lefty”

  1. Dam G you gotta get allot more people like Chino G Midget there sick allot people can relate
  3. holymusic213 says:
    thats whats up...thats the homie ''Lefty brass knuckles'' right there
  4. I Cant believe its really lefty man, dope old school latin rapper what happened to him and his rapping career back in the 90s still cool dude though, glad his doing well now.

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