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Out The Box – Matthew Perez
Out The Box – Matthew Perez
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

This is an exclusive webisode from Urban Kings in association with LA Raw. This is the second episode of the popular “Out The Box” series, and stars Matthew Perez, Matthew delivers a powerful and emotional monologue as he performs an original and real life poem. He takes you through his journey of struggles, follow him as he tells you his story.

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27 Responses to “Out The Box – Matthew Perez”

  1. I really think this is a good project so people can really express them selves. If conejo would get on that it would be a trip
  2. STR8RAIDER says:
    Good videos kinda hard to come across i typed in "out the box" and richard cabrals video only came out.
  3. RaenaeBaby says:
    beautiful... I feel your pain...
  4. Sone Real Street Poetry
  5. matt perez says:
    Thanks a lot there's more to come so keep a look out for the next one!
  6. I can relate homie that was firme
  8. NAME OF SONG 3:29 ????????????????????
  9. This is really good poetry!!
  10. Slick G says:
    glad to see homies get recognition... i walk those same avenues, i got that skull passion on my chest... i seen my family get ripped apart from the neighborhood... ino exactly where homeboys coming from. keep ur head up slicks1 200 block
  11. Wow now that's passion and pain.
  12. Mann I dig all them real life poems mann this is our life mann perfect way to explore our thoughts tight gee
  13. triggerman60 says:
    Cant wait for the next one
  14. What's up my boy, enjoying the great episodes. By chance what's the ending soundtrack ? I'd appreciate the feedback
  15. vHL"PE1 BSK LCM 50ST DKS aK !!
  16. MrSleepy3 says:
    I would love to try and get on this out of the box. I might not be as good as most of them but my palabras come from the heart.
  17. NENA DOLL says:
    Wow no words im speechless this is beautiful I can relate to it much love
  18. Hey carnal, Good Work! Keep blessi.g the masses with your words. Much Love Lefty
  19. Reno All Day says:
    Good work man. Keepin it real to the fullest. The right way to do it.
  20. What's that style of music called at the end it's firme
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