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Rapper Short Dawg Caught In Armed Robbery
Rapper Short Dawg Caught In Armed Robbery
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive
We have acquired police footage evidence of Young Money Rapper, Short Dawg holding up what looks to be a coffee shop of some sort. The entire 2.11 was caught by the store’s Closed Circuit Cameras but no news coverage has been released about this incident. Our source tells us he was arrested and is currently awaiting trail. Young Money Ent is home to top notch hip hop artists, such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Birdman.

4 Responses to “Rapper Short Dawg Caught In Armed Robbery”

  1. dred509 says:
    That shit ain't real!
  2. No blood,No fire sparks, sped up to counter the slow assaults,and blatantly stupid actions on both sides. It's fake but well made minus those defects.

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