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Raven Soriano – Hardcore
Raven Soriano – Hardcore
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Raven Sorvino’s “Hardcore” serves as the first release of

“Queen of HeArtz: The Supreme LP”

the Homage to “Lil Kim”

Produced by 321

Directed by Kwaz ” Scriptz” Fraser

33 Responses to “Raven Soriano – Hardcore”

  1. Liam Palmer says:
    Raven Sorvino is RAW
  2. thien tuco says:
    This is dope. I fux with Raven she can rap
  3. I like how she freaked the Lil Kim line
  4. Danny Hughes says:
    P Poppin on the strippa pole tho
  5. Queen Of HeArtz EP still gets burn
  6. Rachel Friel says:
    Raven has been grinding for a minute now. Good to see her get her just do.
  7. Una Diver says:
    Raven Sorvino > Angel Haze
  8. Cam Gigandet says:
    Great edit on the video
  9. adamjone says:
    I wish I was that guy
  10. cri junio says:
    This beat is pretty much amazing
  11. Jack Smith says:
    1st verse is dope
  12. Woolford says:
    Slow motion twerrrrrk >>
  13. Scott Malone says:
    She looks good in that mink vest
  14. Nicky Bailey says:
    I want her to win next year. She has been very consistent.
  15. Justin Hoyte says:
    Where is Raven from?
  16. Sorvino kills all rap bites in the game.
  17. Connolly says:
    I see Dyme Taylor in that hoe
  18. Rob Hulse says:
    she spittin on this doe
  19. Livermore says:
    You have so many creative videos!!!!!
  20. I love your video, very easy to do...
  21. Rita Milella says:
    Thumbs up if you like to listen to this video
  22. Deniro Black says:
    Hot on many levels
  23. Junda Mane says:
    Queen of HeArtz was mad nice, she got next in 2014
  24. Garycahiil says:
    I love this song it’s so cool!
  25. Ruddy nguyen says:
    OMG!!! Their so talented
  26. Ben Forster says:
    I love there other song: On the runaway… But this is also amazing

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