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Reverie Always Down Interview With Old English Brand
Reverie Always Down Interview With Old English Brand
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

We sit down to have a one on one interview with Reverie at the Old English Brand Flagship Shop. If you don’t know who Reverie is, well after watching this video, you will be intrigued to find out more about the Reverie Love movement.

Artist : Reverie

Directed by Famous8

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1,507 Responses to “Reverie Always Down Interview With Old English Brand”

  1. Urban Kings keep doin these interviews more often Local artist LA OC IE Latinos in general then this ball will start rollin example Snoops GGN B Reals Smokbox ppl look out for these interviews daily for there favorite artist alot of these underground artist need a platform to get in touch with there fans. Support. Pay to keep real hip hop alive and real artistry in general. C.R.O
  2. It means "I am called Reverie" or "My name is Reverie"
  3. KMR323EastLA says:
    She said "My name is Reverie"
  4. lol is that a garlic necklace hugging around jimmy hendrix face :D
  5. support from Croatia. Google Earth it if you dont know where it is ;)
  6. Drake G. says:
    Them lips thou
  7. I just came to see the beautiful Reverie.
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