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Tui Asau – Mister – Out The Box #9
Tui Asau – Mister – Out The Box #9
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Urban Kings and Lineage Entertainment steps “Out The Box” with this episode to bring you “Mister” starring Tui Asau. Out The Box returns to our channel to bring another thrilling season of Spoken Words in a way you haven’t seeing it before. This season Out The Box has taken their creativity to a higher level and all for you. Hoping to entertain, to inspire and to move you. Now enjoy this wild ride as Tui takes you through the story of Mister.

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Produced By:
Urban Kings and Lineage Entertainment Group

Tui Asau

Written By:
Tui Asau

Directed By:
Richard Cabral and Clayton Cardenas

Director of Photography:
Famous 8

Edited By:
Famous 8

Sound Designer:
J “Syphon” Gonzalez

1. Song – “Anxiety” Artist- Kevin MacLeod
2. Song – “Fillae Et Pater Unus Deus” Artist – Ctephin
3. Song – “Come Out and Play” Artist – DesperateMeasurez