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UKMG Webisode 3 – Spanky Loco
UKMG Webisode 3 – Spanky Loco
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We have the next episode of our brand new 16/8 Webisode Series staring UKMG Artist Spanky Loco! This is webisode 3 that showcases UKMG Artists in some brand new short music videos. Its called 16/8 because the music video will be a verse of 16 bars, and the 8 bar chorus (hook). This webisode features Spanky Loco on a highly anticipated music video for “Show Love”, taken from his album “The Best Of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits Vol 1″, which is available now!!

Artist : Spanky Loco

CD : The Best Of Spanky Loco

Song : Show Love

Label: Urban Kings Music Group

Director : Famous8

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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

For immediate release
Urban Kings Music Group
Label Contact: 562 696-5222
Booking Call – 562-696-5222

The Best of Spanky Loco is AVAILABLE to all major music stores like FYE, Best Buy, Hastings, digitally through iTunes, and online through the UKMG Merch Store!

19 Responses to “UKMG Webisode 3 – Spanky Loco”

  1. RonanSeal says:
    Awesome video :)
  2. Kim Hee Sun says:
    +Fish Tail jajaja.....girl yo wedding is no inexpensive compare to this. Great video tho
  3. ese superman se cayo de su llama y sus orejas estan llenas de estiercol y quien le dijo que podia opinar si no sabe nada de musica solo de ver a negros calatos da pena
  4. Kush Weed says:
    dope I seen this fool in san diego at marios with flaks.
  5. dope I seen this fool in san diego at marios with flaks.
  6. dope I seen this fool in san diego at marios with flaks.
  7. Puro brown locos peloneros.
  8. Met spanky loco in new jersey..he did my first tat.. Real talented humble vato right there..much love and respect down your way spanky and to the whole URBANKINGS
  9. Cesar Cruz says:
    Nice beat and good flow
  10. much love homie lovin the color of the shirt
  11. Mista Pewn says:
    All mk games are bloodier and more gruesome
  12. Pussy as vato his music suks duck
  13. otro albun en español para las calles de mexico
  14. Jared Garcia says:
    I feel that west los flavor ,310 --notorious... soy JoKeY
  15. Hoodplug says:
    Fuck wat Cesar Maricon is talking about much love to my boy spankx p"s up
  16. B Gomez says:
    Such a underrated rapper that everybody killa with stomper was my favorite album growing up
  17. Much love n respect to Spanky Loco... One of the realest gees putting it down in the West, and fuck NiteCow... Sawed Off killa.... Str8 Up!

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