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Urban Kings Facebook Ambush – Carolyn Rodriguez
Urban Kings Facebook Ambush – Carolyn Rodriguez
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

Here is the exclusive Urban Kings Video Ambush with guest Carolyn Rodriguez aka Medicine Girl of Dopehouse Records. UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz hosts the video interview. Talks about living in the Westcoast, being featured on the song “Shine On Me” by Chino Grande, and a super secret question about SPM (South Park Mexican). Carolyns most recent album “Dope Diary” is available right now at!

80 Responses to “Urban Kings Facebook Ambush – Carolyn Rodriguez”

  1. honestly Carolyn s voice is so beautiful gir got a long way to go long life to mi novia Carolyn rodriguez
  2. Carolyn Rodriguez come to Chicago
  3. Carolyn Rodriguez come to Chicago
  4. Joshua Tovar says:
    shes been around! lol!
  5. amldivine says:
    change the tittle..has nothing to do with spm..its purely about her
  6. NMS1313 says:
    Pinche pendeja
  7. kasper009560 says:
    Dope house sell out!!
  8. Wack ass white bitch frontin like she is Chicana
  9. Lizz Saucedo says:
    the bitch aint even Hispanic ugly as bitch!!!!
  10. g lopez says:
    fuck your ugly let me take your job off your hands even her ugly ass didn't want to look at you
  11. God damn!! So many fuck azz haters. Don't like her,move on. That's all u gotta do. Frfr
  12. g lopez says:
    shut up ur old an ugly no hater real talk
  13. g lopez says:
    if your from ca stfu about spm he touched a lil girl all you vatos backing him up pc cause real gz don't play that texas gots it fd up serio
  14. xXJackXx75 says:
    Fuck that sell out bitch,, Davina will always be the queen of cali
  15. Dasher Mgone says:
    check out my music channel let me kno wats good. did my first music video. Life's Imperfect. show sum love:) Free Spm His Music Lives On!!!
  16. jose vazquez says:
    fkn stupid hes got a hook up in jail what ealse voice sounds too clearto be over the phone tracks
  17. Just what I was looking for.. Haters
  18. Justin Price says:
    Are you serious? I watched half this video to find out how he's doing it, and the only answer she gives is "magic".

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