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YBe Slowpoke Smilone – Rumors In The Streets
YBe Slowpoke Smilone – Rumors In The Streets
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An Urban Kings Tv Exclusive

A very dope upcoming artist named YBe releases a brand new music video, and features Smilone & Slowpoke called “Rumors in the Streets”. This is the first official single from his brand new album, titled Deep Words Of Struggles. Music Video Directed by Adam Roberts. Leave  your comments below.

“Deep Words of Struggles” available now at iTunes

2,214 Responses to “YBe Slowpoke Smilone – Rumors In The Streets”

  1. I know there squad im there nephews friends
  2. Aye whats the name of the song thats playing in the backround of the intro ? Does anyone know?
  3. OldTawer says:
    принимаю участие сукаа
  4. Lucku Chanel says:
    Винди привет! Мне кажется что заказали убицу на ресторан Famili Dinner,а в остальных пицериях анемотроники думали ца дети эндо скелет и саили их в себя Это просто теория
  5. Song in intro is called - Lil G Gunz in my neighborhood ft ybe
  6. Joey Garcia says:
    Firme fuckin jam
  7. Chris Avila says:
    N.W I.C Hustlaz clicka souf east 82nd too the sgvalle six. two six area
  8. bLaZeRs4dub says:
    1:14 foothill and mango ave fontana califas!
  9. its over its over its over watch this bad ass video talkin real shit
  10. bang this track erryday!!!! cant get tired of it! fucking GRAND!!!
  11. I don't understand these new "gangsters" why they wear design shirts like some pretty boys and put on Jordan's like some mayates I laugh when I see foos around me dressing like tintos fucking fakes don't know shit about the SUR
  12. YBE feat Smilone, Slowpoke "Rumors in the Streets" (Official Music Video 2013) Directed by Adam Roberts. Leave Comments, Vote Thumbs Up & Please Subscribe to the Channel, thank you for your time & support. ***NEW ALBUM*** "Deep Words of Struggles" OUT NOW!!! iTunes Link

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